Chromium plated collars by SPRENGER stand out due to the high gloss surface.  We achieve this result by not only thoroughly cleaning the raw chain from metal debris and oil, but also through our own production process which gives the collar a special surface polish.  This process ensures that the nickel and the chromium layers adhere especially well and the collar has a long lasting protection against rust.  The durability of the nickel coating is additionally tested through a “bending test” performed on the rings.  If the nickel coating behaves flexibly as required and the coating remains unharmed then the next step of the production, the manual processing of the chromium plating with the use of a frame follows.

Elaborate processing methods and quality control guarantee both and excellent chromium plating, and combined with the prior process of nickel coating a dual anti rust protection.  Damage, however, occurring to the surface of the chain by external influences, can make the metal core vulnerable to water ingress and variation in temperature.  It is for this reason that we cannot undertake a rustproof warranty for any of our products made of plated steel, regardless of the surface finishing.  Our nickel and chromium baths are monitored constantly by independent laboratories and waste is disposed of according to the current environmental laws and regulations.