The traditional long link collars made of solid brass may be better known than collars made of stainless steel or Curogan as they were used by dog trainers whilst training and appeared at trade shows for a long time before the production of collars in the other materials began.  Brass is a copper-zinc alloy which is much softer than other materials we use for our production.  Therefore the abrasion wear is a little bit higher than the same collar made of Curogan.  This slight difference is probably the reason why Curogan has become more popular in recent years.  Nevertheless, the brass collars still remain very popular as the natural warm color harmonizes with many fur colors.  Due to the material characteristics of brass, SPRENGER is only able to produce long link collars.

As the abrasion wear is higher than standard metals it is important to inspect, and if necessary, to replace the collar from time to time to maintain the dog’s safety.