Our patented Copper-Tin-Alloy – absolutely stainless and nickel-free
INFO: For dogs that react to wearing conventional collars with fur discoloration, CUROGAN is a proven alternative. Fur discoloration therefore belongs in the past for approximately 95% of the cases.It is not only because of the anti-allergic features, but also because of the appealing look that the CUROGAN collars are becoming ever more popular.

The very high copper content gives the collar a brilliant colour which antiques and darkens over time with regular use. The original condition can be restored by using HS Diamond Paste metal polish or other commercially available polishing pastes.

When using CUROGAN collars please take into consideration that the abrasion between links is slightly higher than compared to the standard steel chains. The relatively high percentage of copper and the inherent characteristics of the metal will, depending on the conditions of use, lead to a thinning in the wire gauge of the links. For this reason we recommend visually inspecting the collar at regular intervals to be able to replace the collar in good time.