The World’s Leading Manufacturer of High Quality Dog Training Collars and Accessories

Dog grooming accessoriesHaber’s K9 is your source for professional dog training accessories such as Curogan Collars, Chain Collars, Curry Combs, Dog Rakes, Nail Clippers, Assembly Chains for Dog Collars, Chains in Full Scale, Fittings, Snap Hooks, Buckles and more. We are a family owned and operated business since 1944.

Located in Upstate New York, our facility is adequately equipped to handle storage of inventory and processing of orders. We have more than 65 years experience in providing quality products to the US markets. Haber’s is the Sales Agent for the Herm Sprenger Dog Product Line, since 1973 Haber’s has represented the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality dog training collars and accessories.

Haber’s believes in the quality of the Sprenger products and only  the highest quality products to the US Market. We feel that our pets are members of our family and deserve the best! We provide exceptional, personalized customer service to our clients.

For a full selection of snap hooksbolt snaps, links, rings, and chain hardware, visit our sister company, Henssgen Hardware, for online ordering.



Dog Chains

Our chains are a symbol for high quality and security, for use in the various fields of dog training, hunting and security services. If the safety and well-being of the dogs is imperative for you, please refuse to accept no less than a chain stamped, “Made in Germany”.


Training Collars

Through the imitation of dog’s teeth, we achieve natural influencing, understandable communication, gentle education with harmony and confidence between the dog and the dog owner. Neck-Tech is an attractive and unique design of the highest quality.


Fittings, Grooming and Accessories

We provide easy fastening buckles, snap hooks, rings, quick release snaps, grooming gloves, curry combs, nail clippers, dog whistles, dog boots, dog toys, dog tags, non spill water bowls and more for your furry friend.


Download a current copy of the 2018 Herm Sprenger Catalog:

2018 Herm Sprenger Product Catalog 

2018 Herm Sprenger Training Product Catalog